Our Service

untitled-22Is to build you the right solar system for your individual needs. I currently work with several different solar companies and could give you a non biased recommendation based on your needs.

How does this work? First, we will evaluate your needs and see what your long term goals are.  Second, we choose the solar panels, system size and installer that is right for you.  Then lastly, We will obtain permits, rebates, solar panels and all other equipment for your job and have the installer mount your solar panels.

This business model has proved to be quite successful with individuals who don’t want to be sold.  The consultative approach puts current industry knowledge in your hands and allows you to make an educated decision that you can feel good about.

We would be glad to share with you a long list of business professionals who have used our service and would be happy to speak with you and even show you their solar system.

What is the next step?  Simply fill out the solar consultation form and we will look at the satellite image of your house and advise you over the phone. If you feel a need to meet- We will be happy to come out to your home and evaluate your situation.

Take Care,

Dino Crifasi

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