Lease, Loan or Pay Cash

There were great incentives for leasing in the past- I’m sure you know someone who got a really good lease two years ago. Unfortunately, those programs have changed.  You can get a lease today but, it’s not that attractive.

The newest thing in the market is a solar loan! It has far more advantages than a lease and adds significant value to your home. We have two banks and one credit union that offer great rates and terms. These are no money down loans that can allow you to take advantage of your 30% tax credit and make payments for the same amount as your current power bill. We would be happy to discuss terms with you over the phone, call us at 949-939-7507.

Paying cash for your system will provide the highest rate of return on your money.  Cash systems can produce anywhere from 16% to 24% return on your money. You can expect a 4-7 year return on investment. That way you will recoup you money in a reasonable amount of time and you will add to the value and marketability of you home.  A rule of thumb with return on investment (ROI) is- the bigger the solar system the shorter the ROI.  With bigger systems you will be looking for a 4 to 5 year ROI and smaller systems will have 5 to 7 year ROI.  The reason smaller projects have a longer ROI is they have the same set costs as a larger projects, such as permitting, plans, rebate filing and clerical work.

I would be happy to assess your home and discuss this further if you would contact me using the Solar Consultation button to the right.


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