Solar Energy Contractors in Orange County

Solar Energy Contractors in Orange County

Posted by in Solar Key | June 14, 2011
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Solar Energy Contractors in Orange County
Provide Information and Estimates 


Solar energy contractors in Orange County, California are ready and willing to provide you with information and estimates for solar units and installation that fit the specifics of your building.

More people than ever are realizing that solar energy is the way of the future and a major commitment in helping to save our delicate eco-system. Installing solar panels can save money by supplementing your current electricity supply, increase the value of your home or building and use clean energy powered by the sun to protect the environment.

If you live in Orange County, California, you know that heating and cooling costs have reached sky-high prices. Now is the time to consider solar energy for your home or building and to reap the benefits, both financially and peace of mind.

With the demand for solar energy, many companies have popped up all around Orange County. When you’re ready to shop for solar panels, don’t rush into a contract. You’ll want to check out the companies that are advertising their wares before signing on the dotted line. Here are some things you should look for before you decide on an Orange County solar energy contractor:

  • Is the company certified to install solar energy systems in the state of California?
  • Are they listed on the Better Business Bureau website?
  • Check out the local solar energy contractors. They may be more financially stable than a global company and strive harder to give you good customer service for the long term.
  • Check references. A reputable solar energy contractor in Orange County should provide a reference list and you should definitely check some of them out before you sign a contract.
  • A solar energy contractor should have a current electric license. The rules for installing solar energy systems are always changing and contractors should be kept aware of these changes.

Orange County solar energy contractors should always be willing to answer your questions and to provide you with copies of any certification or licensing you should ask for.

The solar system unit that you choose should be especially designed for your building or space. A solar energy contractor in Orange County should be able to advise you about climate issues such as temperature, roof and ground mount pitch, wind speed and cloud cover issues.

They should also be able to give you a fair estimate about how much power output you’ll get after installation and setup. Some issues of installing a solar energy system can be addressed with proper design, wiring and sizing.

Begin your search for solar energy contractors in Orange County by looking online. Then, follow up with a visit or phone call and questions based on your research.