Solar Energy For Your Business

The benefits of a commercial solar system go much further than just reduction of your carbon footprint. A commercial solar system provides fixed cost electric rates for your business through a renewable, clean source.

In as little as 4 years, your solar system can pay for itself through huge tax benefits available only to commercial customers. You can also save on energy expenses through innovative financing and lease options.  For many businesses, investing in solar energy makes low risk financial sense. Your new solar energy system will:

-Have a quick return on investment (average 5 years)

-Reduce your tax liability

-Lower operating expenses and free up cash for other opportunities

A solar system can provide energy for over 30 years. With no moving parts, there is little to no maintenance required.  In addition to that, your solar system provides a great opportunity to build your green identity. Solar energy generation boosts more than just your bottom line it will:

-Build your company’s green identity

-Create employee pride

-Generate a positive community image

Trying to figure out the feasibility for a commercial solar system should be done with assistance by an experienced solar installer and your accountant or CFO.  Many businesses in Orange County can benefit from solar, but there are specific site factors and financial considerations that can maximize your return on investment. You need a professional solar contractor to analyze these factors and provide your business with the optimal solar energy solutions.

*When looking for a commercial solar installer, it is very important to find an installer with a large portfolio of commercial installs. Don’t choose one without checking how many large jobs they have under their belt. Experience is the most important thing.