What You Should Know About Solar Energy in Orange County

What You Should Know About Solar Energy in Orange County

Posted by in Solar Key | June 14, 2011
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Solar Energy in Orange County


If you live in Orange County, California, you may have noticed solar energy companies advertising various types of solar systems that can cool and heat the air and water in your home and save you thousands of dollars per year in energy costs. If you’re considering solar energy for your lifestyle, there are some things you should know about solar energy in Orange County.

There are some things you should know about how to choose a company that will be professional in helping you choose the best solar energy system for your building and to continue the customer service by installing and providing ongoing maintenance.

Every area has certain restrictions and codes for solar heating systems, and Orange County is no exception. You should make sure that the company you choose to install your system knows about the rules and regulations involving Orange County solar energy systems.

Professional installers of solar energy should investigate codes, ordinances and covenants before jumping in to install a unit in your building. You might also need a building permit to install solar energy in Orange County, so be aware of all legal issues involved to save you time and money later on.

If you run into problems getting a permit to install Orange County solar energy systems, keep in mind that the problems are usually caused from ignorance of how the systems work and the positive effects they can have on the environment.

But there are some real worries involved, such as weight of a roof unit, ignoring wiring regulations or neighborhood rules about rooftop units. Also, you should never block off a view or an entrance/exit with the solar energy unit. A professional Orange County solar energy installer will know what to do if these issues arise.

Solar heating is more complicated than conventional types of heating units. Solar units use various switches, motors and sensors to regulate the system – that’s why it’s imperative that you choose carefully when shopping for solar energy in Orange County.

Some solar units use microprocessors to determine the correct amount of heat storage and delivery needed in the allotted spaces. A thermostat is necessary to determine the temperature of the collector and storage units, and are sophisticated enough to communicate to the unit when to circulate water or air.

Sizing of the solar energy unit to fit the space is critical in order to take advantage of solar gain. If you have a period of low sun energy, the pump or blower of the unit may be slow, whereas during high sun energy, it may operate in a fast mode.

When searching for a solar energy company in Orange County, inquire about battery backup. Battery backup ensures that power won’t be lost if the supplementary unit fails because of power outage.

As solar energy in Orange County becomes even more popular, more companies will emerge onto the scene. Do your homework to make sure the company you choose is professional and familiar with Orange County rules and regulations.