Solar Systems in Orange County

Solar Systems in Orange County

Posted by in Solar Systems in Orange County | June 09, 2011
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California recently passed a bill that requires utility companies to attain 33% of their energy from renewable energy sources. This aggressive stance has made the solar energy installers in Orange County very much in great demand

Since the dawn of the ages man has used the radiant heat and light of the sun to warm himself. However due to an inability to harness this power source in an effective way it has been pushed aside for cheaper more efficient fossil fuels. This has brought society to today’s problems with these non-renewable sources of energy that cause climate change, pollution, high energy costs, dependence on foreign supplies, acid rain, and respiratory illnesses.

Orange County is a prime place for clean, safe, reliable alternative energy sources. As Orange County solar contractors know the use of the sun’s radiation is only limited by man’s imagination. Presently there is only an extremely small amount of the available solar energy that is being harnessed. As far back as 2002 more energy was available in one hour than could be consumed in one year.

With utility costs going up at the rate of 6% a year for the last five years consumers do not have to be convinced to seek cheaper renewable sources of energy. Orange County solar systems can provide well-lit comfortable living spaces. With both Federal and State incentive programs to help with the conversion of old energy systems and the installation of new solar systems there has never been a better time to adopt this environmentally friendly method of solar energy.

The installation of a solar system will give Orange County residents a clean, fixed cost source of energy. There are two types of solar techniques – passive or active. With passive solar methods the technique depends upon architectural design. This may be how a building is oriented to take full advantage of the sun’s radiation. Other design features will encompass materials that are favorable to thermal mass or light dispersing properties. If spaces are designed that naturally circulate air they will enhance the benefits of solar energy.

The active solar techniques are the installation of photovoltaic (electricity from light) panels and solar thermal collectors. Photovoltaic panels, solar pumps, and solar fans convert sunlight into useful outputs. Orange County solar contractors can install these types of solar systems to suit the local climate and produce an emission free source of energy. The advantages of photovoltaic power is that it is generated directly from the sun, has no moving parts, requires little maintenance, and the cells will last for decades. The use of solar energy will alleviate the strain on power sources during peak times. Recent changes in both design of solar panels and their efficiency have made the switch to solar energy much more attractive.

The “green effect” of using solar energy is significant. It will offset carbon dioxide to the extent of approximately 1 ton of CO2 a year. Carbon dioxide is the leading cause of global climate change. It will help reduce nitric oxide that is the leading cause of smog. Solar energy will help reduce particulates that float in the air and contribute to asthma. Sulfur dioxide, the leading contributor to acid rain will be reduced.

There is no charge for sunlight and after the initial installation costs; the savings for an individual residence can go up to 98% of the total electricity bill.  Another return on the investment of installing a solar system is the added value of the property. Real estate appraisers estimate that for every $1 saved in energy costs the value of a home goes up by $20. Orange County home buyers will purchase a home with solar energy installed twice as fast as one without this renewable form of energy.

Orange County solar systems help eliminate dependency on foreign supplies of energy. They help to provide safe, clean, renewable, and environmentally friendly sources of power.