Why Go Solar

Why Go Solar

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Economic Benefits of Solar Energy

Other than the obvious reason of reducing your electric charges for the next 25-30 years, let’s address the other benefits to the home or business owner.

According to a new study by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, they have shown that for every 1000 watts of solar power you install will increase the value of your property by $6,250.  A typical residential system is 6 kilowatts or 6000 watts, which would equate to $37,500 increase in value to your home.  That same system will cost you $22,200 after rebates to install.  How does that sound for return on investment?   Even if your solar system didn’t add any value to your property it sure would add to the marketability to your home.  If you were looking at 3 similar homes to purchase, two without solar and one with, which one would you buy?

There is a 30% Federal Tax Credit available to homeowners and businesses going solar.

Home and business owners can also receive The CSI rebate that pays any where from $0.25/watt up to $1.60/watt.  That can pay for 5-10% of your system cost. Unfortunately the CSI rebates continue to decrease as more people go solar and that can make systems more expensive over time.

Energy Independence

Installing a solar system in your home can reduce the need to send electricity long distances over transmission lines.  No need to generate power from a distance or rely on a power plant. In fact, solar electric systems lighten the load on the already over-burdened grid, increasing efficiency and energy security, You can have full control over your electricity expenses. By going solar now, you lock-in your electricity costs for the next 25+ years.  The use of solar energy for California and its residents and leaves a legacy of clean energy and a strong, unsoiled, environment for generations to come.


A typical 6 kW system prevents more than 8 tons of CO2 from entering the atmosphere – the equivalent of planting over an 2 acres of trees each year!  Solar energy is a renewable alternative to power plants that burn fossil fuels and emit greenhouse gases, which lead to global warming. The decision to go solar, made by thousands of people and businesses, reinforces California’s commitment to a healthy environment.

Solar helps control your costs, manage your energy risk, and increase your cash flow. You transform an energy expense into a fixed asset. Own your personal power source and feel good doing it.

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